In between beers, 3 students in tourism and hospitality management at UQÀM start a challenge: to open a restaurant before they turn 30. To each their own dreams...

Having in common an insatiable appetite and a passion for anything aged in barrels, they were quick to figure out the obvious: "We're gonna go a long way, as long as we start right now!".

As two guys from the South Shore and one from Outaouais, they decided to open their restaurant in the neighborhood that welcomed them to Montreal: Hochelaga. Starting as a catering service, and later evolving into brunch.

Let's zoom in on the happy trio.

Guillaume asselin

Origin: 1983. St-Luc Hospital. Lived in Saint-Mathias.

Studies: Aministration technic in marketing, at cégep du Vieux-Montréal and GTH, at UQAM.

Before Les Affamés: Working at Parenteau-Junior in Saint-Jean-Baptiste.

Sports : Athletism, handball, golf, soccer, snowboarding.

Craving: Red tuna on the Kawai beach, cause it's cold as @!&* here!

With...: A Margarita made with Don Julio 1942. 

What's funny: Les beaux malaises, « Tranquillement le Pelican » when Tom says it with his french accent. (And animal videos.)

Idol: My father.

Closing words: Work Hard, Party Harder !

Alexandre genest

Origin: Saturday night, 8pm, 1986. Gatineau Hospital.

Studies: Human Sciences, individual profile, at Nouvelles Frontières and GTH, at l’UQÀM.

Before Les Affamés : Mixologist at La Distillerie.

Sports: Soccer goaltender, screaming « Fore !!! » at golf and basketball player in Highschool and college.

Craving: Triple Crown Hushpuppies or nature Rock Shrimp!

With…: A Derby to go with the Hushpuppies, and a glass of white wine l’Original du Clot de l’Origine 100 % Macabeu, for the Rock Shrimp

What's funny: La petite vie, Taxi-22, Family Guy, Les pêcheurs.

Idol: Claude Meunier and Michael Jordan

Closing words: Ce n'est pas la destination qui compte, c'est le voyage !

Cédric Groulx

Origin: 1984. No hospital, but a midwife. Belœil.

Studies: Aministration technic in finance, at cégep Maisonneuve and GTH, at l’UQÀM.

Before Les Affamés : Working at Parenteau-Junior in Saint-Jean-Baptiste.

Sports: Young: baseball. When older : baseball, hockey, golf. And guitar.

Craving: Os à moelle and pétoncle that's on the menu.

With...: Morgon Marcel Lapierre, preference Jéroboam. 

What's funny: Les recettes pompettes, Les beaux malaises, the absurd and ridiculous humor. (And animal videos.)

Idol: Bob Marley.

Closing words: Encore une autre facture !

let's show off!

Les Affamés is a friendly, casual bistro. Lots of wood, nothing farfetched. What about a terrace? We have one of those! And it's really not bad at all.

our wonderful team

Without the talent and passion of all our team's players, we would certainly not make it. And because our kitchen is wide open, you can watch them running, cooking, singing, mocking and (very often) smile. A sight to behold!

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