crafting stunning drinks

You wouldn't drink anything just cause you're thirsty. We craft our drinks according to their classic inspiration. Let's just say they're way better than the originals.

Purists can expect an extensive selection of private imports. And thanks to our great mocktails, even children and conservatives can enjoy our know-how.

secret stuff

Long before mixology became just another fashionable element of the culinary art, our master mixologist Alex was already sharpening his shaker at La Distillerie. Today he creates his own secret recipes with house-made ingredients and syrups. So much, that he was fiercely opposed to having any pictures of them on the net.

orange zest

homemade tonic


homemade grenadine

Join us in real life, because it's always better in person.


As if temptation was not already strong enough, here's some of our drinks. They hold the mighty power to revive your worst day.

Hollande 41

Ungava, Pimm’s #1, concombre, jus de citron frais, Cava

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Chartreuse, ananas, sirop de Falernum maison, jus de lime frais, Peychaud’s Bitters

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Big Easy

Brandy de Xérès, Rye, Peychaud bitter, sirop d’orange crush maison, garniture de zeste d’orange confit

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Akvavit, basilic, raifort frais, citron, Bitter à la coriandre, sauce Worcestershire, tabasco maison, clamato

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