catering for any and all of your events

Catering is what started the adventure of Les Affamés, and it's still what we do best. From the napkin under the small bite to the olive in the martini, we take care of everything. But we don't have to. It's however you want it.

for who?


For the company offering lunch boxes during its annual meeting as much as the daughter who's looking to impress her stepmother at the family barbecue. No request is too small or too big. But for miracles, plan a few days in advance.


By tailoring our menu to your tastes, and our services to your needs.

A private mixologist to devise raving drinks during a singles party, a complete set up for a 200 person wedding, or something right in between? We'll organize this.



Since we know you don't celebrate solely during the weekdays, our catering service is available at all times. Absolutely. As much as a late Saturday night as a very early Monday morning.



We can do it at our place, and we can also do it at yours. At the church, the park, in a reception room in a tent: we can do it anywhere. We haven't done it on a yacht yet, but we'd be interested, if you ever ask.

still not sure?

Here are some of our best bites, just to give you ideas.

Mini burger

Pain au sésame, porc effiloché, sauce BBQ maison, aïoli maison, salade de chou

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Feuilleté de champignons

Pâte feuilletée, duxelles de champignons, réduction de vinaigre balsamique

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Bonbon de thon

Thon mariné à l’asiatique, aïoli épicé, tobiko

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Guimauve aux baies d’argousier, mousse yogourt et chocolat blanc, racines de cacao, pomme grenade

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we can do it all. we almost promise.

Send us the details of your event and we will answer you with a quote. Fast.