Koa Lua

Raw fish has made its mark in restaurant cuisine through sashimi, sushi, ceviche, and many more, and poke has recently joined this list.

If you enjoy Hawaiian food, add Koa Lua to your library. This restaurant is known for its delicious poke bowls, spicy salmon, and shrimp.

In ancient Hawaiian, “Koa Lua” symbolizes “brave warrior.” And by doing so, this business hopes to distinguish itself from the myriad commercial names for poke eateries that are now in use.

The bright sea-green colors, lush vegetation, and even the surfboard-shaped tabletop surrounded by diner chairs take you to tropical climates complete with surf and beaches. It’s also fun to look at the antiques on the walls.

Unlike other poke shops, Koa Lua’s recipes are already customized. The Black Magic is a clear winner, but others are excellent, and it’s worth closely reading through the selection because the mixtures are so varied.

These restaurant owners are also dedicated to providing exceptional service. When a consumer walks through Koa Lua’s doors, they will be reminded of Hawaii and vacations with beaches and sunlight.

People can come here to get away from it all. And, as a bonus, no sunscreen is required!

Address: 1446 Sainte Catherine O Montreal, QC H3G

Phone: (514) 375-5656

Fruit Oeufolie

Fruit Oeufolie has three locations and serves a diverse variety of classic breakfasts every day. From crepes to pancakes to eggs Benedict, you’re sure to find something you like!

This eatery offers perfectly cooked poutine and delicious soup. According to reviews, waiters here provide great parfait and perfectly cooked crepes.

Every breakfast includes a cup of wonderful coffee to help you get started on the right foot. Lunch options are also offered Monday through Friday for those who choose to visit throughout the day.

The majority of guests say the staff is competent. Even though the wait can be significant, you can usually get a table soon. Thankfully, the wait time between placing an order and getting the meals is manageable for such a popular establishment.

Pay attention to the pleasant ambiance when you enter this establishment. According to Google users that got to visit this location, the most relevant score is 4.6.

Keep in mind that it can be a packed and noisy place, with limited space between tables. This may make eating alone uncomfortable. Nonetheless, the cuisine and the atmosphere are worth a visit, so swing by the next time you’re near one of their locations.

Address: 275, rue Hector-Lanthier, J7P 5R1

Phone: (450) 472-9117 

40 Westt Steakhouse

This nicely constructed dining establishment captivates you from the moment you come in, with high ceilings, excellent lighting, beautiful artwork, interior brick walls, and soothing music that plays in the background.

It serves dinner every night except Sunday and lunch on weekdays. On Sundays, private appointments for corporate and social parties are common.

This institution, located kilometers from the airport and near the city core, offers the highest quality Canadian prime beef on the market. Stefano Hinoropos, executive chef and managing partner, has been with the company from its inception.

Whether you’re looking for the greatest steak in town, freshly shucked shellfish, delicious desserts, or a night of entertainment, 40 Westt has it all, providing you with an amazing dining experience.

They date and dry-age their meats for four or even more weeks in their meat vaults, which are open to the public. This is their method of continuously checking the dry-age beef.

40 Westt also boasts a large selection of wine from all around the world. Come here for superb martinis, a reasonable lunch table d’hote, and stunning jazz concerts on weekends.

Address: 2305 Route Transcanadienne, Pointe-Claire, Québec

Phone: 514 428-9378

Madre sur Fleury

For many years, French food dominated Montréal’s culinary scene. While its gourmet cuisine has since grown significantly, the city remains a top destination for real French cuisine.

Madre sur Fleury has everything we love in a French restaurant and even better service. A little badass, it’s serving traditional recipes with a Peruvian and Latin American twist in a sensuous space.

With its pleasant decor and friendly environment, it’s easy to imagine yourself in a Parisian corner. The bistro-chic decor is a nice addition that adds to the already amazing experience.

When you’re in the neighborhood, stop by for some tasty sandwiches, risotto, and soup. Spend some time here, order a bottle of fine wine, and share some tasty desserts with your friends.

In the kitchen, chef Mario Navarrete prepares one surprise after another, all inspired by the chef’s imagination. You may enjoy simple, clean, rich, and well-executed Parisian restaurant classics here.

The Peruvian-born chef is not a newcomer to Montreal’s culinary scene. He possesses exceptional abilities and has received praise from both reviewers and clients.

His menu contains subtle, careful excursions from the most common of ingredients, yet while some occasional items may appear on the menu, the dishes remain classics at heart and unmistakably French in execution.

Address: 124 Fleury St. West Montréal, QC

Phone: 514-439-1966