Montreal’s Best Souvlakis

Montreal, as a cosmopolitan city, has welcomed – and continues to embrace – citizens from all over the globe who carry a piece of their heritage with them and translate it to the Montreal environment.

Generations later, the Greek presence in Montreal remains to be felt, particularly in its cuisine, and even in its most basic dishes. So, where can you get the best souvlaki in Montreal? Here’s a list of locations to experience some of the best.


According to what we’ve heard, people either adore or despise Marathon. We believe this is because it is one of the more commercial solutions available. Having said that, it’s clean, the servings are adequate, and it generally strikes the spot.


This family-style restaurant, which is genuinely owned by a family, serves up some major flavor. Their souvlaki meal is large, with nicely grilled but meaty skewers, and the terasse and atmosphere will transport you to a Greek tavern, which is kind of the purpose.

Greektown Grill

This is the best Greek grill restaurant in Laval, featuring pig and lamb chops, loukaniko meat, and beef patties with oregano and citrus. The main lure is the family-style banquets, with mezze dishes and “Greektown Boards” combining all of the above said grilled delicacies into one plate.

Christina’s Cuisine

If you ask around Laval for Greek meal ideas, Christina’s is almost always mentioned. While a variety of mezze and staples such as pastitsio and moussaka as well as Greek loukaniko meat are available, a rotating menu of hefty special offers keeps regulars returning for more.


What was once a modest location in Montreal’s Mile End is now a huge retail brand with merchandise on grocery shelves across the country. Clearly, they’re doing something great, and if you haven’t had their souvlaki yet, what else are you waiting for? It’s difficult to reject a tzatziki recipe that’s been around for almost 43 years.