40 Westt Steakhouse

This nicely constructed dining establishment captivates you from the moment you come in, with high ceilings, excellent lighting, beautiful artwork, interior brick walls, and soothing music that plays in the background.

It serves dinner every night except Sunday and lunch on weekdays. On Sundays, private appointments for corporate and social parties are common.

This institution, located kilometers from the airport and near the city core, offers the highest quality Canadian prime beef on the market. Stefano Hinoropos, executive chef and managing partner, has been with the company from its inception.

Whether you’re looking for the greatest steak in town, freshly shucked shellfish, delicious desserts, or a night of entertainment, 40 Westt has it all, providing you with an amazing dining experience.

They date and dry-age their meats for four or even more weeks in their meat vaults, which are open to the public. This is their method of continuously checking the dry-age beef.

40 Westt also boasts a large selection of wine from all around the world. Come here for superb martinis, a reasonable lunch table d’hote, and stunning jazz concerts on weekends.

Address: 2305 Route Transcanadienne, Pointe-Claire, Québec

Phone: 514 428-9378

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