Best Monreal Asian Soups

Almost everyone enjoys a good bowl of soup at any season of the year, but when the temperature falls below zero, a spoonful of soup is an especially great and immediate refuge. These are some of our favorite places in the city to get a bowl to go.

Le Butterblume

A couple of key meals last long on Butterblume’s ever-changing repertoire. One of the few foods that have withstood the test of time is the German ravioli stew, which consists of some German-style ravioli in a delectable broth. To eat it is to embrace it; this soup is well deserved a permanent spot on the menu.

M’Berberli Soup

When the restaurants are open, chef and founder Atigh Ould usually walks around and ladles the M’Berberli broth into clients’ bowls personally. The starting dish, a blend of mushy lentils, ginger, lime, cumin, and pepper, is available for takeaway during the restaurant’s downtime.

Satay Brothers

Among Montrealers, the Satay Brothers have developed a fanatical fanbase. Their restaurants are always filled with people looking for outstanding Southeast Asian food. The sweet and spicy laksa lemak soup, an Indonesian dish created with coconut cream, will fulfill any craving for a wonderful bowl of comfort.

Restaurant Gus

Chef David Ferguson’s onion stew has extra levels of flavor and zest, just like the remainder of his cooking. The cheesy, thick soup is made with guajillo chile, red lager, pork bones, cheddar, and ancho seasoning and is topped with fresh diced avocado at the bottom. You will not feel hungry after eating this soup.

Mae Sri

Mae Sri has a comprehensive soup menu, but their Tom Yum is a standout. With a Plateau eatery carrying her name, chef Pamika Sukla began spicing up Montreal’s generally inert Thai food market in 2013. Since then, she has launched two noodle counters. 

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