Best Montreal Microbreweries

Do you like a nice handcrafted beer and some tasty snacks to go with it? You’re in luck: both are cornerstones of Montréal’s booming microbrewery scene.

The charm of the Montreal Craft Beer sector is that multiple craft breweries are close to one another. So there’s never been a better reason to take a stroll, get some cardio, and possibly make several pit stops along the route, making your personal brewery tour!

Benelux Brasserie artisanale

For the past 15 years, this downtown brewery has been a reliable Montréal beer hotspot, whereas the Verdun bar features one of the city’s most beautiful terraces. Excellent brews for all tastes, a knowledgeable and friendly staff, and delectable snacks have all contributed to the establishment’s success.

Dieu Du Ciel

Dieu du Ciel, one of the most well-known and acclaimed brewers, has won a place in history with its distinctive brew recipes. You can get their beers in-store, but if you’re allowed to have a beer straight from the brewery in the heart of Mile End, don’t pass it up.

Le Saint-Bock

The grandiose goals of this micropub’s managers have immediately put Le Saint-Bock on the market. It has a large selection of on-tap beers as well as a large selection of privately imported bottles. This renowned downtown location also hosts one-of-a-kind performances.

Le Cheval Blanc

Le Cheval Blanc, Montréal’s first brewpub, has aged very well, thanks to the excellent hoppy compositions of senior brewer Isal Dagenais. The eclectic population that gathers here virtually every evening prefers the relaxed atmosphere with a tinge of vintage.

L’Espace Public

This is a modest but welcoming environment where the entire city may feel at ease. This bustling tasting room, just a short distance from Succarsale, frequently hosts live music and art gallery shows.

Enjoy their delectable beers on their beautiful patio, which is outfitted with lovely picnic tables, or take it indoors and sit next to their brewing plant, where all the fun begins.

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