Chez Tomio

Chez Tomio serves a healthy mixture of Japanese, Thai, and Vietnamese cuisines. Menu items range from traditional street dishes to a great fusion of flavors such as a pho-like soup and tortilla.

Chef Long Chiem started this company after noticing a growing market for Asian food among hotel guests. He then started a homemade sushi food service for the metro’s major hotels.

Mr. Chiem wanted to expand his services after seeing its popularity skyrocket, offering weekly lessons, in-home cooking, and partnering with huge corporations such as Las Olas.

Chez Tomio street truck began roaming the streets of Montreal in the early summer of 2017, delivering economical and tasty Asian-Quebecois fusion cuisine.

The year 2019 was quickly emerging to be an amazing one for the brand. The addition of dedicated fusion cuisine restaurants, the extension of the buffet meal, and the addition of a new Asian cuisine station allow the Chez Tomio personnel to deliver the best service possible to its clientele.

Chez Tomio would then reopen a new counter on Avenue Papineau in 2021 to welcome back its enthusiastic patrons!

Address: 5161 Avenue Papineau Montreal, QC

Phone: (514) 508-8898

Tô Comptoir Asiatique

Tô Comptoir Asiatique is a delightful boutique ready-to-eat Asian food restaurant located just adjacent to McGill University.

This place makes insanely wonderful poke bowls that you should try, as well as vegetarian options like their fantastic tiny Banh Mi sandwich with silken tofu and fresh mayonnaise.

The sheer size of Tô’s location is endearing. Inside, there are twelve seats provided. It is close to a charming terrace with eight seats, ideal for enjoying the sunny weather while avoiding the heat.

The establishment’s décor offers a pleasant and welcoming ambiance. The space is open, offering a view of the kitchen.

Some of Hien’s works are also displayed on the room’s walls. These add warmth and personality to the little restaurant.

This Nicolas Delrieu and Hien Tran’s initiative launched on April 1, 2018. The name  Tô means “bowl” in the Vietnamese language, and the restaurant originally specialized in pokés and other equivalent dishes. Then, within a few months, demand surged, and Tô broadened its product in response to client requests.

Hien is a driven individual who has spent years on the counter’s menu. This results in a variety of healthful options that provide a unique twist to the standard formula.

Address: 212 Rue Milton, Montreal, Québec

Phone: (514) 543-8086

Koa Lua

Raw fish has made its mark in restaurant cuisine through sashimi, sushi, ceviche, and many more, and poke has recently joined this list.

If you enjoy Hawaiian food, add Koa Lua to your library. This restaurant is known for its delicious poke bowls, spicy salmon, and shrimp.

In ancient Hawaiian, “Koa Lua” symbolizes “brave warrior.” And by doing so, this business hopes to distinguish itself from the myriad commercial names for poke eateries that are now in use.

The bright sea-green colors, lush vegetation, and even the surfboard-shaped tabletop surrounded by diner chairs take you to tropical climates complete with surf and beaches. It’s also fun to look at the antiques on the walls.

Unlike other poke shops, Koa Lua’s recipes are already customized. The Black Magic is a clear winner, but others are excellent, and it’s worth closely reading through the selection because the mixtures are so varied.

These restaurant owners are also dedicated to providing exceptional service. When a consumer walks through Koa Lua’s doors, they will be reminded of Hawaii and vacations with beaches and sunlight.

People can come here to get away from it all. And, as a bonus, no sunscreen is required!

Address: 1446 Sainte Catherine O Montreal, QC H3G

Phone: (514) 375-5656