ONoir provides a sensual dining experience unlike any other. Located in the center of downtown Montreal just south of Bloor Street, this establishment has been keeping visitors in the dark for more than a decade.

To begin, it should be mentioned that dining in the dark is not a gimmick, nor is it the only thing Onoir has to offer. The cuisine is fantastic on its own!

Because the dining room is completely dark, ordering would be difficult. Thus, food is ordered in the foyer, where soft lighting highlights the wood finishes of the bar, chairs, and stools, and a vast bookcase displays a plethora of antique volumes.

Choosing a drink to have in a group should be easy in ONoir. A table serving drinks is accompanied by hors d’oeuvres to eat while relaxing in a pleasant setting.

The waiting staff takes note of all your allergies, and you’re good to go. The menu’s surprise section mixes the chefs’ surprise meals with a drink. Aside from that, this business caters to vegetarians.

Everyone should go and see what ONoir has to offer its clients. Good food, nice drinks, and friendly service all contribute to an experience you will never forget.

Address: 124 Rue Prince Arthur East, Montréal

Phone: (514) 937-9727

Le Kube

Le Kube is a lobby resto-bar at Montreal’s historic Hôtel Bonaventure. The easygoing atmosphere makes this a great place to have a meal or a cocktail.

This place presents a diverse menu with international influences, showcasing innovative dishes with simple and seasonal specialties. The cuisine attracts both hipsters and bankers, who mix and lend to the colorful atmosphere of the restaurant.

If you’re looking for a Parisian-style bistro experience, Le Kube is a must-visit in Montréal. Its beautiful style and delectable menu easily capture the hearts of young and old guests.

The food has seen very few modifications since the new chef took over the kitchen. To develop absolutely unique dishes, the chef takes inspiration from all over the world. We appreciate the wine list even more because it is so reasonably priced.

Seafood pizza on a crunchy rice cake, Cornish duck with braised potatoes, and veal paillard with organic asparagus and plum tomatoes are among the signature dishes. And, Le Kube is the greatest when it comes to French Onion Soup!

In this comfortably stylish resto-bar, modern meets classic. Come to relax, take in the ambiance, and catch up with friends or coworkers over a meal or perhaps a drink. Le Kube is open seven days a week, from daylight to midnight.

Address: 900 De La Gauchetière Street West, Montréal 

Phone: 514-878-2332

Madre sur Fleury

For many years, French food dominated Montréal’s culinary scene. While its gourmet cuisine has since grown significantly, the city remains a top destination for real French cuisine.

Madre sur Fleury has everything we love in a French restaurant and even better service. A little badass, it’s serving traditional recipes with a Peruvian and Latin American twist in a sensuous space.

With its pleasant decor and friendly environment, it’s easy to imagine yourself in a Parisian corner. The bistro-chic decor is a nice addition that adds to the already amazing experience.

When you’re in the neighborhood, stop by for some tasty sandwiches, risotto, and soup. Spend some time here, order a bottle of fine wine, and share some tasty desserts with your friends.

In the kitchen, chef Mario Navarrete prepares one surprise after another, all inspired by the chef’s imagination. You may enjoy simple, clean, rich, and well-executed Parisian restaurant classics here.

The Peruvian-born chef is not a newcomer to Montreal’s culinary scene. He possesses exceptional abilities and has received praise from both reviewers and clients.

His menu contains subtle, careful excursions from the most common of ingredients, yet while some occasional items may appear on the menu, the dishes remain classics at heart and unmistakably French in execution.

Address: 124 Fleury St. West Montréal, QC

Phone: 514-439-1966