Chez Tomio

Chez Tomio serves a healthy mixture of Japanese, Thai, and Vietnamese cuisines. Menu items range from traditional street dishes to a great fusion of flavors such as a pho-like soup and tortilla.

Chef Long Chiem started this company after noticing a growing market for Asian food among hotel guests. He then started a homemade sushi food service for the metro’s major hotels.

Mr. Chiem wanted to expand his services after seeing its popularity skyrocket, offering weekly lessons, in-home cooking, and partnering with huge corporations such as Las Olas.

Chez Tomio street truck began roaming the streets of Montreal in the early summer of 2017, delivering economical and tasty Asian-Quebecois fusion cuisine.

The year 2019 was quickly emerging to be an amazing one for the brand. The addition of dedicated fusion cuisine restaurants, the extension of the buffet meal, and the addition of a new Asian cuisine station allow the Chez Tomio personnel to deliver the best service possible to its clientele.

Chez Tomio would then reopen a new counter on Avenue Papineau in 2021 to welcome back its enthusiastic patrons!

Address: 5161 Avenue Papineau Montreal, QC

Phone: (514) 508-8898

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