Koa Lua

Raw fish has made its mark in restaurant cuisine through sashimi, sushi, ceviche, and many more, and poke has recently joined this list.

If you enjoy Hawaiian food, add Koa Lua to your library. This restaurant is known for its delicious poke bowls, spicy salmon, and shrimp.

In ancient Hawaiian, “Koa Lua” symbolizes “brave warrior.” And by doing so, this business hopes to distinguish itself from the myriad commercial names for poke eateries that are now in use.

The bright sea-green colors, lush vegetation, and even the surfboard-shaped tabletop surrounded by diner chairs take you to tropical climates complete with surf and beaches. It’s also fun to look at the antiques on the walls.

Unlike other poke shops, Koa Lua’s recipes are already customized. The Black Magic is a clear winner, but others are excellent, and it’s worth closely reading through the selection because the mixtures are so varied.

These restaurant owners are also dedicated to providing exceptional service. When a consumer walks through Koa Lua’s doors, they will be reminded of Hawaii and vacations with beaches and sunlight.

People can come here to get away from it all. And, as a bonus, no sunscreen is required!

Address: 1446 Sainte Catherine O Montreal, QC H3G

Phone: (514) 375-5656

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