Madre sur Fleury

For many years, French food dominated Montréal’s culinary scene. While its gourmet cuisine has since grown significantly, the city remains a top destination for real French cuisine.

Madre sur Fleury has everything we love in a French restaurant and even better service. A little badass, it’s serving traditional recipes with a Peruvian and Latin American twist in a sensuous space.

With its pleasant decor and friendly environment, it’s easy to imagine yourself in a Parisian corner. The bistro-chic decor is a nice addition that adds to the already amazing experience.

When you’re in the neighborhood, stop by for some tasty sandwiches, risotto, and soup. Spend some time here, order a bottle of fine wine, and share some tasty desserts with your friends.

In the kitchen, chef Mario Navarrete prepares one surprise after another, all inspired by the chef’s imagination. You may enjoy simple, clean, rich, and well-executed Parisian restaurant classics here.

The Peruvian-born chef is not a newcomer to Montreal’s culinary scene. He possesses exceptional abilities and has received praise from both reviewers and clients.

His menu contains subtle, careful excursions from the most common of ingredients, yet while some occasional items may appear on the menu, the dishes remain classics at heart and unmistakably French in execution.

Address: 124 Fleury St. West Montréal, QC

Phone: 514-439-1966

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