Resto Café Oxford

Resto Café Oxford calls to mind visions of what many have characterized as the best breakfast in Montreal for residents living in Montreal’s NDG area, and in a city replete with breakfast spots, that’s quite a statement!

This place has been open since 1944 and has now evolved into not only a breakfast spot but also a diner with many items on the menu including meats, salads, and popular Italian meals.

International cuisine here is good and the portion is generous too, according to customer testimonials. Spend some time here with your friends and share some excellent sausages, bacon and eggs, and baked goods. 

They serve a wide range of breakfast dishes, including French toast, eggs benedict, and one of Montreal’s greatest pancakes. This restaurant’s chef prepares delicious pancakes and fruit salads as well. 

Prices are reasonable here. This location has a relaxing atmosphere and trendy decor. Furthermore, visitors emphasize quick service in their feedback.

Come here and you will be greeted pleasantly by the staff. They’ve been around for a while and kudos to them for maintaining such a high standard of quality.

Address: 5630 Rue Sherbrooke Ouest, Montréal, QC

Phone: +1 (514) 939-1600

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