Tô Comptoir Asiatique

Tô Comptoir Asiatique is a delightful boutique ready-to-eat Asian food restaurant located just adjacent to McGill University.

This place makes insanely wonderful poke bowls that you should try, as well as vegetarian options like their fantastic tiny Banh Mi sandwich with silken tofu and fresh mayonnaise.

The sheer size of Tô’s location is endearing. Inside, there are twelve seats provided. It is close to a charming terrace with eight seats, ideal for enjoying the sunny weather while avoiding the heat.

The establishment’s décor offers a pleasant and welcoming ambiance. The space is open, offering a view of the kitchen.

Some of Hien’s works are also displayed on the room’s walls. These add warmth and personality to the little restaurant.

This Nicolas Delrieu and Hien Tran’s initiative launched on April 1, 2018. The name  Tô means “bowl” in the Vietnamese language, and the restaurant originally specialized in pokés and other equivalent dishes. Then, within a few months, demand surged, and Tô broadened its product in response to client requests.

Hien is a driven individual who has spent years on the counter’s menu. This results in a variety of healthful options that provide a unique twist to the standard formula.

Address: 212 Rue Milton, Montreal, Québec

Phone: (514) 543-8086

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